Cancellation and Refund Policy

Terms & Conditions-Refund Daily 3 classes one of each subject will be conducted in online mode. Students will be never asked to attend face to face classes in Kota. Once they have taken the admission in online class they will remain as online student and no extra fees will be demanded. Study material is provided in the PDF form which they can download and take print as and when required the fees of the study material is inclusive in total consolidated fees. All students who take admission in live interactive class have free access to the free video backup class available on their dashboard which they can access through the login password. Students have to mandatorily accept the rule that not to share their credential with other students who have not taken admission in ABLES Kota. All the content provided to student is covered under copyright act it cannot be reprinted and used for other commercial purpose . All admitted students are abide by it default. In every month there will be at least three practice test conducted in online mode during the entire course its results will be available in the dashboard given to students. All the students and parents agree to pay the the total fees of institution as committed at the time of admission. All students who take admission it is to compulsory to take trial class to find usefulness before paying any fees. No refund request will be accepted once the admission is taken. Theses classes have the purpose of training students for entrance exams and not for school or board preparation but the nature of subject covers the board content and school content within it. You may not cancel once you submit an order for a Self-Paced Virtual Class or a Web-Based Training Class. Once you submit the order, you are responsible to pay the entire course price For video lecture course no refund will be entertained after 3 days of purchase of video course. All the video lectures are the property of ABLES education and this cannot be duplicated or distributed to other people. Username password given to student is not transferable to other students. Video lectures are not allowed to be downloaded or screen recorded if anyone found doing so institute has that right to take the the legal action as per the law of the country. If there is any difficulty in operating video lectures in any device it should be brought into notice of the technical department immediately so that a resolution can be given within 24 hours at the but this cannot be a premises to ask for any refund .In any special rarest of rarest case if the video does not work on any special device institute will refund it immediately if it is complained within 7 days. All the fees taken by institution is inclusive of 18% GST. If somehow student of parents has not received the invoice or receipt of payment they should contact the account department. Institution does not accept cash payment All kind of UPI transactions online payment methods and direct bank transfer can be the method of payments. For any e dispute the area of jurisdiction would be Kota Rajasthan only.